Dynamic Hidden Objects – University Edition

Dynamic Hidden Objects – University Edition

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Dynamic Hidden Objects – University Edition


Hidden Objects game based around finding objects in a University.

Dynamic Levels, so everytime you load a level, the objects location change.

Has both timed and unitmed modes.

Objects are hidden in the scene. An outline of the object to be found is show in a column to the bottom.

Find 10 objects to unlock the next level.

3 Lives to play.

3 Levels in the game.

Each level gives you additional points for every correct click. Incorrect clicks give a fixed penalty.

Amount of time is fixed for the entire game. So it becomes truly challenging.

Play as much as you like. 3 fun levels of hidden objects. Try to get the best score.

We can customize any aspect of the game for you. We have a full development team here.

Created using Mochi Social. Two main features:

1. Invite Friends - Once game is approved by Mochi. Your players can invite their friends by posting in game invites to twitter, myspace or facebook.

2. Share updates with friends.

Hope you enjoy this game as much as we have.


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